Junior Developer at Springworks International

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Junior Developer at Springworks International

Inlägg11 maj 2020, 16:18

Hello fellow kids!

A long, long time ago, back when one was allowed to go outside even, I studied at BTH. Probably learning similar things that you are learning now. Or not at all perhaps, web programming technology changes so blistering fast that 5 years is basically a lifetime.

Anyhow! The company I now work for, Springworks International, are looking for people to come join us. We connect cars to the internet! Super weird, I know, but fun! For this role you don't really need to know exactly what you wanna do, we can help you figure it out as we go along.

The full ad is down here below. Connect with me on LinkedIn, where all the grown-ups hang, if it looks interesting!

Into coding? Recently graduated? Have a genuine interest in IoT?

But not sure what to do next?

Join us to connect the world’s vehicles! Build advanced, scalable systems for connected cars in the ultimate connected car platform. This is an opportunity to form your own position working with design, UX, frontend, backend, android/iOS, AWS infrastructure, agile project management, all depending on your interest, strengths and current need at Springworks International.

Springworks International connects used and new cars of all brands and also enables manufacturers to add: value, local market presence and end-user connection, through our platform and our ecosystems of partners.

The development challenge

Managing the scale of connected vehicles, each reporting more than 10k data points daily. Building a cloud solution and app supporting multiple markets & brands. Building frictionless integrations with hundreds of partners.

The job

Work in a small development team together with skilled and outstanding peers. Get challenged by tough and fun programming problems. Communicate with our partners, understanding their needs and solving their issues. Have fun, take risks, break production! Every day!

Skills & requirements
Must have:
    computer science education
    development experience
    genuine interest in IoT
    worked in small agile teams, where communication is key
    focus on delivering value for end-use
    interest in infrastructure and preferably in AWS
    enjoy working in a collaborative environment, always interested to share knowledge and improve your craftsmanship
Nice to have:
    experience from server-side development, preferably in Typescript and NodeJS
    experience from test-driven development

https://careers.springworks.se/jobs/881 ... -developer
/Anders Latimore (tidigare Åkesson), wip12

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